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My name is Yuyi, a Philosophy and Psychology student going into second year at the University of Edinburgh who is here to teach you Psychology at KS4-5 (GCSE, AS and A-Level). I have an Outstanding Achievement award (first place in my year) in Psychology in grade 11, and passed the AP (American equivalent of A-Levels) Psychology exam with a 5. I have experience volunteering at psychology labs since high school (see resume), and am finishing my first year with a First. Please cast your doubts aside and instill your trust in my psychological expertise!

You will be sent lesson plans and materials/notes (which I have tons of from my time as a student) prior to each lesson. If you want the lesson transcribed, please let me know. You will finish your homework and send them to me before the next lesson.

Fun fact, my favourite areas of psychology are psychoanalysis and clinical psychology. I deeply admire the genius of Freud, Jung, Adler and pioneers of the like.

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Please let me know if you don't see a time slot that suits you! I can adjust my schedule!

You can count on me if you or your children need help with Science (KS1-3); Psychology, Philosophy, Biology, or Statistics up to KS5 (GCSE, AS and A-Level). If you are learning English as a second language, I believe I am particularly equipped to assist you, having been an ESL student myself with my native language of Chinese Mandarin. I am also an intermediate speaker of Japanese.

I finished my final year in high school in Toronto, Canada with a 97% GPA, while teaching myself the AP curriculum (American equivalent of A-Level or IB) and passing the exams for Psychology, Chemistry, and Statistics with a 5 and Biology with a 4. I also received a Gold in the British Biology Olympiads.

Easter Egg: Should you be curious enough to probe into the terrifying width of my interests, congratulations, I am also happy to help you with English Literature, Music, and Visual Art, which I study and practice as hobbies. I write poems and short stories, draw digital art, and play the electric guitar. :)


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