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English texts: The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, The General Prologue, and others from The Canterbury Tales (Chaucer), Great Expectations (Charles Dickens), The School for Scandal (Sheridan), Mrs Dalloway (Virginia Woolf), Richard III (Shakespeare), Macbeth (Shakespeare), An Inspector Calls (J. B. Priestly). Victorian Literature, Modern Literature, classic novels. War poetry, romantic poetry, religious poetry. Comparing texts and analysis, writing structured essays.

Philosophy and Ethics: Plato, Aristotle, absolutism vs relativism debate, divine command theory and Euthyphro’s dilemma, the nature of belief, conscience, free will, determinism, the existence of god, religious experience, life after death, religion and science, John Hick, Christian ethics, utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, virtue ethics, existentialism, applied ethics, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Hume, Natural Law, the Sermon on the Mount.

Art History: Close analysis skills and ability to make comparisons between works, as well as writing structured essays using advanced terminology correctly. Niches can be listed on request.

Applications: I have helped numerous individuals on applications for university and jobs, as well as having written a successful application myself for top Russell Group Universities and companies such as IBM. I have guidelines on and have helped those with successful Oxbridge applications.
I have worked as a tutor with those ranging from reception kids to GCSE level thus far. I have confidently / successfully also aided those at A-Level standard using my resources and knowledge that helped me to achieve top grades.


 My Qualifications:

* University degree currently studying: BA Anthropology and Law.

* Pre-U’s (A Level equivalent): English Literature, History, History of Art, Philosophy & Theology. Received A* / A equivalent in all.

* GCSE’s: Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, English Language, English Literature, History, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, Spanish. Received A* in all.

* Past work experience: 12-month internship at IBM (achieved an array of certification and training qualifications), online business, Law insight evenings and experience, tutoring.


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