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Accomplished graduate with a 2.1 degree in BSc Biomedical Science and a wealth of achievement within the field.

Having followed my passions and studied biosciences extensively throughout sixth form and university, I have built expert subject knowledge and contributed to numerous presentations, research projects, and laboratory reports during my time at university. At university, I was an academic representative and a member of the Sheffield University Volunteering. Outside of my studies, I have taken part in volunteering for mind UK, as well as working in retail part-time which have further strengthened my skillset. I am keen to pursue a career within healthcare and medicine; I could bring a range of skills and knowledge that I feel could benefit any employer within the space.

I am a compassionate, determined, and consistent individual who motivates both myself and others around me to accept challenges. My compassion enables me to form meaningful, strong interpersonal relationships- as I am able to recognise others’ emotions, empathise with others’ views, and respond appropriately to them.

My determination provides the fiery drive needed for the challenges and unexpected inconveniences that life throws at me. I take pride in my consistency- my persistence and organisation skills allow me to complete tasks in an efficient and smart way.
I am dedicated and committed to myself to successfully reach my personal goals. I am an eloquent and clear communicator, both orally and in writing, allowing me to effectively communicate with a variety of individuals of different backgrounds.


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Currently a first year MMedSci Physician Associate Studies at The University of Sheffield
BSc Biomedical Science at The University of Sheffield - 2:1


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