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I am currently studying Physics with Philosophy at the University of York. The nature of my degree has enabled me to develop my mathematical and linguistical abilities to a high level. As well as tutoring, I am also a tennis coach, so am experienced in connecting with students and producing positive results.

Work Experience
I have worked as a part time Assistant Tennis Coach for over 2 years, where I independently planned and delivered group and individual tennis lessons. The lesson plans had to follow a fixed structure, featuring a warm-up, teaching demonstration, drill and closing game. These activities had to be tailored to fit the lesson’s theme. In addition, I have helped in running tennis camps and served as an Assistant Referee at one of the local junior tennis tournaments.


 My Qualifications:

• An enthusiastic Physics with Philosophy undergraduate with a love of learning.
• I offer lessons in GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English (Lit. and Lang.) A-level Maths and Physics.
• I adapt my teaching style based on the subject I am teaching and the student I am delivering the content to.
• I ensure my student's work is organised in a folder and my student has relevant consolidation work to get up to in between lessons.
• I am able to communicate creatively and effectively, especially in teaching situations.
• I enjoy using theories to explain multiple results such as a scientific idea underlying several equations, or a literary idea being woven throughout a text.
• I am experienced in teaching as a tennis coach and helping run a kids’ youth group.

Education and Qualifications
• Physics with Philosophy BSc Undergraduate
• A-levels: Physics (A), Maths (A), English (A)
• GCSEs: Physics (9), Maths (9), Chemistry (9), Biology (9), English Literature (9), English Language (9), History (9), Spanish (9), Computer Science (9)
• LTA Level 1 Tennis Coach


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