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During the course of studying for my CELTA certificate, I had the opportunity to teach multilingual groups of students at both elementary and intermediate levels. These lessons focused on a variety of areas, including productive and receptive skills, as well as grammar and pronunciation. I used both textbooks and my own devised supplementary materials in order to provide students with interesting lessons that provided them with a solid foundation in the necessary topics and allowed them to continue to build confidence. I also have experience with tutoring students for specific exams. During the second year of my bachelor's degree, I participated in an ambassadorship programme in which part of my role was to act as a language assistant for several local schools. In this role, I provided GCSE and A-level students with speaking practice sessions in order to prepare them for their Spanish oral examinations. During these sessions, students were able to tell me which topics they needed help with, and I would prepare activities designed to increase their fluency and equip them with the vocabulary they would need to be successful in their exam, whilst also helping them to correct any issues or uncertainties with grammar. These sessions were delivered online, which allowed me to gain experience with delivering online tutoring sessions and an understanding of how activities can be adapted to make them more efficient in a virtual space.


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I am a fully qualified ESL teacher. I completed my Level 5 CELTA certificate at Nottingham Trent University where I received a Pass B, and I'm also currently studying for my BA in Modern European Studies at the University of Nottingham. My degree specialises in History, German and Spanish, and I have achieved C1 in the SIELE exam, which measures proficiency in the Spanish language. At A-Level, I studied English Literature, Spanish and History in which I achieved A*AB respectively.


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