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Alongside my History studies at University, I also have a freelance writing career, meaning I am an expert in crafting all forms and lengths of content, including longer essays and shorter answers when it comes to academic study.

Although my experience is important, I think the most important quality I possess is curiosity. This allows me to quickly get to know students and understand the kind of tutoring they need. Each student is different, and the challenges they face will be different. Acknowledging this from the start helps me rapidly adjust my teaching style to best match the needs of my students.

2 Month Internship at Milestone Creative

Freelance Copywriter for:
Bookmap (2023 – Present): Content Writer – Landing Page & UX Copy

Script Angel (2021 – 2023): Content Writer – Technical Articles

TheGlobalGaming (2022 – 2023): Content Writer – Blog Articles (2021 – 2023): Content Manager – SMM, Sales, Landing Page Copy

IGOLO (2022): Content Writer – Case Studies & Blog Writing

Lightbox Content Agency (2021 – 2022): Content Writer – Technical Articles

Fragster (2021): Content Writer – Blog Writing

WaterFiltrationBlog (2021): Content Writer – Technical Articles

Other Experience:
Work experience at BBC Birmingham Mailbox (2018-2020)
Had several pieces of work published on the Holocaust Educational Trust website
A multitude of successful contracts completed on UpWork, achieving “Rising Talent” status


 My Qualifications:

University of Exeter (2021 – 2024) Studying History & Ancient History BA
Expected 2:1 minimum

• History (A*)
• English Literature/Language (A)
• Philosophy (A)
• EPQ (A)

• History (9)
• English Language (8) & English Literature (7)
• Maths (7)
• Computing (8)
• Physics (8)
• Biology (8)
• Chemistry (8)
• Religious Studies (7)
• Food Preparation and Nutrition (7)
• Astronomy (6)


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