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My expertise extends beyond the classroom, as I have been actively engaged in groundbreaking research endeavours. Currently, I hold the esteemed position of Don Lavoie Fellow in Political Economy at George Mason University in Virginia, US. Prior to this, I served as a Research Assistant at the University of Essex, where I contributed to the "Data Challenge" by Stanford University on the economics and politics of public transportation in the US and Seattle. I also played a vital role in a research project on environmental policies and contributed to the decolonization of the university library.

As an online tutor, I have extensive teaching experience and a proven track record of mentoring and guiding students. I have served as an Economics Tutor at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, where I developed comprehensive lesson plans and assisted students in understanding complex economic theories and statistical techniques.

My passion for academia is not limited to teaching; I am an avid writer and have authored several publications in esteemed journals on topics ranging from post-pandemic inflation and international trade theory to the political economy of submarine cables. My research contributions have been well-received and have earned me a reputation as a knowledgeable and influential analyst.

To stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving academic landscape, I have continuously invested in professional development. I have completed certifications in Data Analysis, Advanced Machine Learning, and other specialized courses from renowned institutions such as DataCamp, Stanford University, and the University of Essex.


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Hello there! My name is Pierluigi De Rogatis, and I am an exceptionally qualified and dedicated online tutor with a passion for economics, international relations, and politics. I hold a Master's degree in International Relations and Economics from the University of Essex, where I am expected to achieve the highest distinction of a 4.0/4.0 GPA. Additionally, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a perfect 110/110 score from the University of Trieste, specializing in International Studies with a minor in Economics.

Throughout my academic journey, I have been recognized for my outstanding achievements and received prestigious honours and awards. I was granted the exclusive Ronal J. Hill Fund bursary by the Department of Government at the University of Essex to support my research studies and the prize as Best First-Year Student at the University of Trieste for my outstanding academic achievements. Furthermore, my dedication to excellence in both academics and sports led to the prestigious Bronze Medal for Athletic Valour awarded by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).

As your online tutor, I am committed to providing personalized and comprehensive lessons, utilizing my expertise in economics, international relations, and politics. Whether you are seeking assistance in understanding complex economic concepts or need guidance in academic writing and research methodologies, I am here to support you in achieving your academic goals.

Join me in an engaging and intellectually stimulating learning journey, and together, we will unlock your full potential and excel in the fascinating world of economics and international relations.


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