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I am a Mechanical Engineering Masters Student in my fourth year at the University of Bath, on track for a first class honours in my degree after just completing a year working as a mechanical engineer in Warwick. I use my physics and maths knowledge daily in my degree, and have achieved A*'s and 9's in every one of my A-Level and GCSE Maths, Further Maths and Physics exams.
My previous experience tutoring started during my A-levels, where I would tutor A-level maths for peers in my year group, as I had already finished the course in my first year due to taking Further Maths. When teaching fellow students, I used my in-depth knowledge from countless hours of studying the curriculum, to answer any questions that they had and work through example questions with students explaining each step individually, to guarantee a full understanding of a multitude of topics.
I also have experience tutoring STEM subjects to struggling students and high achievers alike from years 7-11 while studying for my A-Levels. Weekly, I worked with full classes of students, improving their understandings of concepts in maths and physics classrooms, ensuring solid understandings of concepts and maintaining friendly relationships throughout.
In addition to this, I have recently begun freelance tutoring for maths, physics, and further maths, and have experience teaching students remotely through my freelance work as well.


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GCSE Maths - 9
GCSE Further Maths - A*
GCSE Physics - 8

A-level Maths - A*
A-level Further Maths - A*
A-level Physics - A*


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