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With a strong academic foundation and a passion for intellectual history, my journey in tutoring and teaching has been a rewarding one. I am currently a PhD candidate in Intellectual History at the University of Buckingham, where my research explores the evolution of ideas and philosophies throughout history. This pursuit of knowledge has not only honed my expertise but has also ignited my enthusiasm for sharing it with others.

My educational journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics from the University of Exeter, where I gained a comprehensive understanding of historical events and political dynamics. Building on this foundation, I pursued a Master of Letters (MLitt) in Intellectual History at the prestigious University of St Andrews. This program allowed me to delve deeper into the intellectual underpinnings of our world, and I further developed my skills as an educator.

Before entering academia, I attended Glyn School, where I excelled in A Levels, studying History, Politics, Economics, and Philosophy. These diverse subjects contributed to my ability to offer a holistic approach to teaching and tutoring, encouraging students to connect the dots between various fields of study.

My academic journey and diverse educational experiences have equipped me to inspire and guide students in their pursuit of knowledge and critical thinking. I am dedicated to fostering a love for learning and intellectual exploration in the next generation.


 My Qualifications:

University of Buckingham
PhD Candidate - Intellectual History

University of St Andrews
Master of Letters - MLitt Intellectual History

University of Exeter Bachelor of Arts - BA History and Politics
Glyn School

A Levels
History, Politics, Economics and Philosophy.


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