11 Strategies To Maximize Your Online Learning Experience

Learning online can feel like an enormous change from a traditional classroom environment. The truth is, online learning platforms are just as rewarding as traditional classrooms. Like anything, your online learning experience will depend on the strategies you use.

Whether it’s mindset, tools, or other materials, our tips can help you maximize your learning experience. As with anything else, what works for you, may not work for someone else, so keep that in mind.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is often referred to as distance learning and is the delivery of educational material through the Internet. Students enroll in courses online and earn degrees remotely. You’ll find that online learning comes in many different forms, such as video conferences, self-paced learning, and web-based courses.

Online learning continues to become increasingly popular and offers flexibility and convenience for a wide range of people.

11 Strategies to Maximize Your Online Learning Experience

Below are eleven strategies and tips for online learning.

1. Preparation

If you’re considering using online learning platforms and don’t have a desktop computer or laptop, you should consider investing in one before your classes begin. When using online learning platforms, having a desktop computer is superior to maximizing your learning experience.

One of the benefits of online learning when using a computer is that you’ll get to see everything in more detail by using a bigger screen. You’ll also be able to interact more efficiently by using a mouse and keyboard. When using a computer for online learning, you’ll want to ensure a reliable and fast internet connection to keep up to speed with your assignments and live lectures.

Before you begin, ensure you’re prepared with the proper materials, such as your textbook, notebook, pens, paper, and other classroom items. If you’re taking an online morning class, a cup of strong coffee won’t hurt too!

If this is your first experience using online learning platforms, it won’t hurt to do a test run when navigating your lessons. Many classes often like to use Google Meet or Zoom for their online courses. Doing a test run before your first lesson will ensure you’re able to connect correctly to your lesson without running into any technical issues.

2. Create a Study Area

Before starting online learning, you’ll want to ensure you have a good study area. Your study area should be free from distractions and can allow you to have the proper focus and therefore relax. If you already have a home office, this makes for a great study area when you’re doing online learning.

If you don’t have a study area, investing in a desk that can hold your computer and class materials is a great start. You can even purchase a bookshelf to hold your textbooks so you can have a proper display of what you have.

No matter what kind of study area you choose to create, the more your room looks and feels like a place of learning, the more valuable you’ll find it is.

3. Purchase Headphones and a Webcam

If you’re struggling with having a place of quiet where you can focus, purchasing a set of efficient headphones is a great way to block out the background noise. Headphones can also reduce feedback, which can help you listen to your lesson more efficiently. If your classes require face-to-face meetings with your teacher, it’s worth it to invest in an excellent webcam.

A webcam makes it easier for your teachers to read your face and body language when communicating about a lesson. When a teacher can read your body language about difficulties that may be occurring, they can better understand how to help you with the current subject.

4. Manage Your Expectations

The worst thing you can do is use your online learning platforms thinking it’s going to be super easy or extremely difficult. One of the best tips for online learning is to be as committed as you would be if you attended an online class. If you have the wrong mindset starting off, this could set you up for failure.

You should treat online learning the way you would treat any other type of learning experience. If your classes are in the morning, set your alarm, have a good breakfast and a cup of coffee (if that’s your thing), and be prepared. You’ll get more out of it if you are one hundred percent invested in your online learning experience.

5. Have a Study Plan

You can have all the materials in the world when using online learning platforms, but if you don’t have a study plan set in place, it can all be for nothing. If you have a due date for a specific assignment, you shouldn’t start working on it the day before. Doing this only creates added stress and anxiety and can set you up for failure when it comes to completing the overall course.

Having a study plan and noting when your online assignments are due can allow you to manage your time effectively. Being organized means you can complete extra modules if needed.

Making a note of when your lessons are or there are important exams can also set you up for success. This allows you to designate the proper study time for your exams and create a to-do list if necessary. Creating a well-organized study plan takes a lot of discipline when you’re using online learning platforms; however, it can be highly beneficial.

6. Voice Your Questions and Concerns

When using online learning platforms, you never want to struggle in silence. Your teachers are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your class, so you want to make sure you let them know if there’s something you don’t understand. If you struggle in silence, you pose the risk of falling behind or, even worse, failing your online class.

Simply put, ask your online instructor to clear up anything you don’t understand. By doing this, you can even build your relationship with your online instructor. Put on a brave face, and ask those questions!

7. Limit Your Distractions

Some online learners find that music can help keep them focused, while others need complete silence and no noise to complete their tasks. To set yourself up for success when using an online learning platform, you should find the best environment to make you the most productive. Avoid working in areas with television, music, crowds, and social media, which is one of the biggest distractions for young learners.

Let your online work be the center of attention so you cannot avoid it. Block out any distractions to work during designated times of the day.

Don’t use social media
Keep your phone on silent
Set a timer for your study sessions
Take breaks when needed
Don’t hesitate to give yourself rewards

8. Be Actively Engaged

To be actively engaged in your online learning class, you should have all other tabs on your computer closed and have your Google Meet or video screen maximized. If your instructor is conducting a demonstration, try it with them. The more you engage in the lesson, the less you’ll feel the urge to multitask by having other tabs open.

9. Take Handwritten Notes

According to research, handwritten notes can help you retain information more easily. While taking handwritten notes, keep your computer or laptop at a distance during a lecture. While taking notes, try making diagrams or charts that can help you visualize information, along with using different colored highlighters.

10. Self-Directed Learning

In some cases, some students lack the ability for self-directed learning that online learning platforms require. To better assist these students, teachers should have built-in support that assists self-directed learning by establishing clear expectations, planning, progress monitoring, study plans, and reflection on their own learning techniques. Teachers can develop onboarding sessions that go over how to use technology and where students can go for help.

11. Prioritize Self-Care

The final best strategy we can give is to prioritize self-care. Online learning platforms are very beneficial, but at the same time, they can also be challenging. While having this challenging learning experience, you should also be taking care of your mental and physical health throughout your class.

By taking care of your mental and physical health, you can remain focused and motivated in class. You won’t be able to achieve your academic goals if you don’t prioritize your mental well-being first. By prioritizing your mental health, you should make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercise, and make sure you’re eating right.

Online learning requires a lot of discipline and self-care to be successful. By following these strategies when using online learning platforms, you can maximize your learning experience to the fullest.

What are the Benefits of Online Learning?

Online learning provides students with more freedom than the traditional classroom learning environment. Some of the benefits of online learning include:


When taking a class online, you determine where you’re going to learn. As a student, you’re able to do things at your own pace and on your own time. If you’re a busy student juggling classes and working, online courses allow you to be more flexible with your schedule.


When you can use your time wisely, employers value this in an employee. When taking an online class, these courses provide you with the structure and routine needed to practice your time management skills.

Reduced Costs

Let’s face it; education isn’t cheap, so saving any type of amount is a win. Online learning can provide students with ways of saving money. For example, when students are taking an online class, they won’t need to commute to campus, which would save them money on transportation costs.

Each year, students spend most of their money on textbooks and other course materials. When taking an online class, you’ll have the luxury of using online resources, which can save you money on books.

While tuition costs vary from campus to campus, some online learning institutions offer discounts to their students on tuition costs. Online classes offered through universities, for the most part, are also covered by financial aid.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Similar to classes taken in a traditional classroom learning environment, online learning can also open you up to several career advancement opportunities. Since you decide your own schedule, students who are participating in online learning are more prepared to hold a job while pursuing their degrees.

Personalized Education

Students who have difficulty focusing in a traditional classroom can benefit the most from online learning. Students who may get frightened from participating in front of a crowd may find it easier to participate in class discussions online. When you’re working in your chosen environment and at your own pace, you’ll have a more personalized learning experience.

When participating in online learning, you’ll work at the time that works best for you to complete your required assignments. Since your classwork is online, you can complete your assignments in any location where there’s an internet connection.

Immediate Feedback

When submitting your assignments in an online classroom, sometimes you’ll receive immediate feedback. Rather than waiting weeks after you take an exam, you can also often receive immediate feedback. When taking an online class, you can upload an assignment digitally for your instructor to review.

Your instructor will review your assignment online and submit feedback when necessary. In a regular classroom, you may wait days or weeks to receive feedback on an assignment. By receiving feedback quickly, you can learn more efficiently and make adjustments that will help you with future assignments.

Technical Skills

When taking classes online, you’ll also develop a broad range of technical skills. As part of your online classwork, you’ll need to utilize digital learning platforms, materials, tools, and other software. After you’ve experienced technical hurdles, a potential employer is more likely to be impressed with your skills.

While more companies are working from home, it’s essential to know how to work remotely. Since other students in your online class may live in different time zones, you may need to learn how to schedule around times. When working on group projects, you may need to utilize online tools such as:

Dropbox – With Dropbox, you can share your files with other students and keep your work organized.
Skype – Skype is a face-to-face video conference that can allow you to speak with other students in your class and teachers.
Trello – Trello is a management tool that will allow you to assign and keep track of your to-do list.

Better Critical Thinking Skills

When using online learning platforms, it often requires the need to apply your critical thinking skills to assignments and your daily routine. While critical thinking skills are used in a traditional classroom, it’s more used in an online learning setting. This is mainly because online learning is more self-paced, which brings about more challenges and decisions when it comes to utilizing material and creating a schedule.

Is Online Learning Best for You?

Online learning has many strategies to maximize your learning experience and many benefits; however, it’s not a fit for everyone. Before you begin your online education, you should weigh the options between online learning and a traditional classroom environment. Do you have a particular learning style that you need to be addressed?

Do you thrive in a specific learning environment? Are you motivated and able to manage your time? You should also consider if you have needs that apply to outside of the classroom.

Are you employed while attending class? Do you have significant obligations at home that may distract from your learning? Are you happier learning at home than in a traditional classroom? These are all questions you should consider answering before making your decision.

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